Another four-lane bridge will be built on the river Ganga in Bhagalpur, a major obstacle has been overcome, know the update

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Bhagalpur bridge

The Forest and Environment Department has given green signal to build a four-lane bridge parallel to Vikramshila on the Ganges river in Bhagalpur. With the receipt of NOC, now all the obstacles in the construction of parallel bridge have been removed. For this project, the department has started preparing to issue work order by making an agreement with the selected agency SP Singla. The construction of the bridge will be under the supervision of the Ministry of Road Transport Highway (MORTH).

According to the Patna Regional Officer of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, NOC has been received from the Forest and Environment Department. But only after the department receives the relevant documents, the work order will be issued to the selected agency. The plan is to start construction in October-November itself. The bridge will be constructed in Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) mode. The contracting agency will have to build the bridge in 1460 days i.e. in four years. The agency has got the work of building the bridge at a rate of 3.75 percent more than the tender amount. In the construction of this bridge, 35.93 crores i.e. 994.31 crores will be spent more than the tender amount 958.38 crores.

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