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VBP of agriculture in Brazil may break a record

The Gross Value of Agricultural Production (GPV) in Brazil in 2023 could become the highest in history. According to the estimates of the Ministry of Agriculture (Map)the figure for next year’s harvest will reach R$ 1.273 trillion.

In 2020, the VBP of agriculture in Brazil reached R$ 1 trillion for the first time. The following year, the current record was reached: R$ 1.188 trillion. The amount forecast for 2023 represents a 5% growth over 2022, in addition to being 4% more than the largest registered trademark.

According to Mapa’s projection, agriculture continues to contribute the most significantly: around R$ 860 billion. Soy and corn, flagships of Brazilian agribusiness stand out. Together, the crops of these two cultures should reach R$ 540 billion.

Sugarcane appears in second position (close to R$100 billion), followed by coffee (R$50 billion) and bananas (R$18 billion). The value of beans, rice and potatoes, which are part of the basic diet of the population, should add up to R$ 42 billion.

Livestock contributes with R$ 380 billion, the highest figure being beef: R$ 140 billion. The value still involves chicken and pork protein, milk and eggs.

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