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The number of ‘startups’ in Brazilian agribusiness grows

In all, there are 1.7 thousand startups focused on Brazilian agribusiness. The number appears in the most recent report Agtech Radar gives Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa)published on Wednesday 23.

This year’s survey showed that the number of agtechsname given to satrtups focused on agribusiness, grew 8% in Brazil. In the previous survey, published last year, Embrapa had mapped just under 1,600 of these companies in the country.

According to Radar Agetch, São Paulo is the State with the highest number: almost 800. The research also shows that only Alagoas does not have any innovative company dedicated to agro.


Activities of startups of agribusiness Brazilian

For classification purposes, agtechs appear divided into three types: before, inside and after the farm. Most of them, almost 760, focus on solutions after production in the field.

There are 13 related areas for problems after the farm. The mix, problems involving segments such as logistics, control and traceability, renewable energy and even urban planting.

In second place, about 700 agtechs that operate within the farm, also divided into 13 segments. They cover items such as inventory management, data integration, internet of things, field automation, biological control, waste management, etc.

The smallest segmentation, dedicated to activities that precede field production, has just over 240 startups dedicated to agribusiness in Brazil. Classified into seven divisions, the services provided involve the financial and carbon credit market, insurance, laboratory analysis, animal nutrition, genetics, among others.

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