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BBF and Vivo enter into partnership to expand 4G coverage in Pará

THE Brazil BioFuels (BBF) entered into a partnership with Vivo to expand 4G internet coverage in Northeast Pará. The initiative covers around 170,000 hectares.

Currently, the BBF has 56 thousand hectares dedicated to palm plantations in the state🇧🇷 In other words: the partnership with Vivo will enable coverage that corresponds to practically twice the area cultivated by the company in Pará, also benefiting communities in Eterno.

The project involves the installation of 23 towers with 4G technology by March 2024. The first of them should start operating in December, in the municipality of Acará. Through these structures, it will be possible to use technologies involving the internet of things, used for automation.

In this way, the most modern applications can be used for activities such as tracking the logistics fleet and the origin of the fruits, in addition to storing data in the cloud and climate monitoring, “With the partnership, we will act in line with the concepts and best practices of Industry 4.0, increasing the automation of our processes and generating more efficiency in our operations”, informs Milton Steagall, president of BBF.

“This is an unprecedented project in the agribusiness market in the North of Brazil and of high complexity, considering the large dimensions and peculiarities of BBF’s operations”, explains Steagall. “Our company is investing in the combination of agriculture and technology to drive better environmental practices, maximize the efficiency of our business and expand internet access to neighboring communities.”

BBF Operations

The business model created is integrated and operates from the beginning to the end of the value chain, from palm planting to crude oil extraction, biofuel production and energy generation. The operations generate around 6,000 jobs.

As the largest oil palm producer in Latin America, the company cultivates just over 68,000 hectares and produces around 200,000 tons of oil per year. The company is one of the pioneers in the creation of sustainable solutions for the generation of energy in isolated systems, supported by plants powered by biodiesel produced in the Region.

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